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Your Pets Second-Best Friend

**To Sign Up for our booking system click the pink log in button above and use the Facility code 285698 to access Repuplic Pets Mount Pearl **

Dogs, just like humans, are social critters and thrive on companionship.With this in mind, we designed our overnight care so your pet is able to spend most of the day having fun and romping around with his doggy friends. This special type of physical activity is good for your dog’s health and psyche; they focus on playing with their best friends and not on missing you.Because they have plenty of time outdoors, dogs at the Repuplic don’t worry about their next potty break. This is particularly useful for older dogs and puppies that might have a hard time holding it!

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The RePUPlic Pet Resort will be the first 24-hour staffed boarding facility in Newfoundland for dogs, cats and other small animals. Our new facility will offer high-end, truly cage-less & immaculate pet boarding like no other. An overall one-stop shop for pets with a shop for locally made pet items, daycare, and boarding center onsite. Our canine guests will enjoy our spacious indoor and outdoor dog parks with agility and play equipment and special flooring designed just for dogs! No slamming cage doors or loud echoes. This place really feels like a home away from home from the minute you are greeted in our entrance, and we get to know your pet, whether they are joining us for daycare or a vacation.

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The Repuplic's immaculate & luxurious cage-free space advocates play, engagement, exercise, freedom & transparency - just the way your pet would like it. Our home like atmosphere ensures calm & comfort for your pet. In the night, guests can enjoy their own private suite with TV, a cozy bed, and all the comforts as close to home as possible or can choose to share a room with some pals; but rest assured your animal won’t be left alone here!

Welcome to the RePUPlic Pets Family

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The RePUPlic Pet Resort Aims to be a place JUST LIKE HOME, here are a few things we would like people to know about our new location coming soon !


  • We will bring dogs outside either in groups during the day or as needed at night, they will not be in runs with constant access to the outdoors. This allows us to keep any noise to a minimum at night.

  • We will have artificial turf in outdoor play areas.

  • This is a cageless resort. Pets can either have their own room (different sizes available) with a bed, food, water, and TV. They can also sleep with the group and a trained staff member in the night.

  • This is a 24-hour supervised facility. Pets are NEVER left alone.

  • We will be open to non-traditional drop off and pick-up times. This means if you work overnights and have a pup they never have to be alone, or if you want to go to supper and drop them off for a couple hours on the way you can!

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